Gel Nail Enhancements

Why choose Bio Sculpture Gel Nails?


We’ll give you 10 reasons why:

  1. Soak-off Gel: Easy removal in 10-20 minutes with No excessive buffing or damage to the natural nail

  2. Natural Nail Gel: Can be applied directly to the natural nail

  3. Color Gel: Over 180 pre-blended colors

  4. Sculpted Gel Nails: Quick and Easy; with forms or our new freeform method

  5. One Step System: Gel is applied without primers, bonders or base coats.

  6. No Odors, Dust or Fumes: Gives a healthy environment for staff and clients

  7. Quick and Easy: Gel applies like nail polish without the time consuming build up process

  8. Self-leveling: Fast and clean without excessive buffing before or after application

  9. Compatible with other Nail Systems: Bio Sculpture Gel can be applied “over” acrylic, fiber and other gels.

  10. Flexible but Durable: Nails can still bend without shattering and will not chip or wear away from the free edge.


Bio Sculpture is the #1 choice for professional and individual consumers. There’s NO question that it truly is the gel that works! Bio Sculpture Gel will not damage the natural nail, leading the way in health, durability, strength, simplicity and ease of removal.

Bio Sculpture Gel contains no organic solvents, dehydrating primers or binders. With Bio Sculpture Gel there’s no excessive buffing, minimal dust and all products are free of any harmful chemicals including DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor.

Gel Overlay (Incl. one nail art finger per hand) (60min) $55

Gel Overlay Add On (30min) $30

Tips (Incl. one nail art finger per hand) (90min)  $75

Extensions (Sculptured with gel.  Incl. one nail art finger per hand) (120min)  $95

Gel on Toes (40min) $35

Gel on Toes Add On (30min) $25

Gel Removal with Re-Application (30min) $5

Gel Removal Only (45min) $30

Nail Art per Nail (From) $2

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