Wounds & Scar Managment


Surgery and dermal trauma sub-cutaneous tissue, resulting in wounds that require management to promote satisfactory healing and to avoid complications such as infection.  In the majority of cases this will require the use of some form of wound dressing.  Under ideal conditions, a surgical or trauma wound, whether an incision or excision, will follow the normal wound healing pathway associated with acute wounds.  Unfortunately, not all such wounds are ideal and complications may impede the healing process.  Scars are an inevitable and natural part of the healing process for most dermal wounds - they are a normal consequence of the body's physiological healing response.

Most scars don't produce poor cosmetic or functional results.  The original scar tissue is gradually replaced during the end phase of healing resulting in a reduction in redness, elevation and firm consistency of the tissue to produce a flat, pale scar that is level with the adjacent skin.  If, however, the delicate balance is not achieved during the healing process, the resulting scar may display abnormalities.  Two such types of abnormal scars are hypertrophic and keloid scars.

Facial Scar Peel (45min) $60

Body Scar Peel (45min) $60

Wound/Scar Management (45min) $60

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